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Chitra Anand - Day 1 Opening Keynote

Expert on Intrapreneurship, Innovation and Marketing

Chitra Anand is at the forefront of an important new movement in the workplace: intrapreneurship.  Intrapreneurs are the people within your organization who possess an entrepreneurial spirit - driving innovation, creative thinking, and new ideas.  The former head of PR for Microsoft Canada, Anand has been an intrapreneur for her entire career. Her engaging talks reveal how to foster that spirit, and how to stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour.

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Lydia Johnson - Day 2 opening keynote

GM and CEO, V.P. Credit Union

ROI or ROH? IQ or EQ?  What's your personal PEOPLE WHY? When today's changing dynamics make it so that staff hold 6 to 10 different careers, not just jobs, in their lifetime - how can you compete with the next shiny object that crosses their path?  How can you minimize their temptation, and maximize their stay time? Embracing the ever changing landscape and leveraging disrupting tools may be the answer.  Find how practical tools, best practice tips, and new thinking will work for you and your team.


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Linda Edgecombe - day 2 closing keynote

CSP, Hall of Fame Speaker

Get ready to be energized! Linda will reveal her research and data collected from dozens of organizations on how "Chaos" and "Busy" have become the new norm and have wound us into the most unproductive and unhappy demographic in the past 30 years.  Her no BS and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions, will get you back on track with a clear vision and tools to take back your work day and personal lives.




Borden Ladner Gervais

Legal Update

Shelley-Mae Mitchell - Partner                                                                                                                                                 Jennifer Fantini - Partner                                                                                                                                  

  • Update on terminations for cause - can you or should you?
  • Performance management - the when's and where's
  • Update on constructive dismissal - how far is too far?
  • Marijuana in the workplace - how will it impact employees going forward?

Credential Financial

"Culture Fundamentals in a World of Disruptive Change"

Matt Brown - SVP, People and Culture                                                                                                                      

What do you do when your world keeps shifting around you? When disruptive technologies are opening new markets, and customer expectations are evolving daily - how does your organization stay ahead? In this session, Matt Brown, SVP-People & Culture at Credential Financial, will demonstrate the critical role HR plays in enabling organizations to navigate through disruption. Learn how your team can foster the key ingredients of change to create a deeply connected employee base that’s prepared and excited to go on a journey of transformation.

Credit Union Central of Manitoba

"Leading with Emotional Intelligence"

Patty Gifford - VP, Consulting and People Services                                                                                                     Ainsley Desautels - Manager, People Consulting  

Join Patty Gifford, Vice President-Consulting and People Services and Ainsley Desautels, Manager- People Consulting from Credit Union Central of Manitoba as they explore Emotional Intelligence through case studies, videos, and discussion.  Learn how lack of self-awareness, everyday stress and personal triggers limit our ability to make the best decisions.  This interactive session will cover the five elements of EQ and discuss specific EQ strategies for you to apply after the session.

G&F Financial Group

"Partners in Change - A practical approach to being an effective partner in transformational change"

 Megan Garnham - Manager, Human Resources                                                                                                            

The financial industry is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, where consumer tastes and preferences change with every new innovation presented to them.  Megan Garnham, Manager, Human Resources & Organizational Development at G&F Financial Group, will share their Member Experience 2.0 journey where they transformed the structure of all branches and branch roles, negotiated a performance incentive plan into their collective agreement, and maintained employee engagement scores throughout the process.  Through this session we will translate this into a road map for your own journey through transformational change.

Innovation Credit Union

"From Supervision to Federalization: One Credit Union's journey & the role of People and Development"

Ian McArthur -  Chief People and Governance Officer                                                                                                 Kathy Irwin - Manger, People and Development                                                                                                 

Join Innovation Credit Union’s Chief People and Governance Officer, Ian McArthur, and Manager-People and Development, Kathy Irwin, as they share their journey towards federalization.  Learn how they leveraged their three HR pillars - employee development, employee engagement, workforce planning – to disrupt and transform their organization from under-performing to becoming “the most responsive and innovative financial services organization”. See how their pillars continue to guide and support them in their next adventure:  becoming a federally regulated credit union.

Mainstreet Credit Union

"Culture Assessment"

Janet Grantham -  CEO                                                                                                                                                   Holly Gawne - SVP, Human Resources                                                                                                                  

Join CEO, Janet Grantham and SVP-HR, Holly Gawne from Mainstreet Credit Union as they share their culture change journey.  You will hear about their challenges and opportunities in aligning and integrating cultures from multiple credit unions, including building a business case for change and formally assessing culture.  They will also discuss the leader's role during cultural change, some of their key learnings and their road map for success.


"Modernizing Total Rewards in a Values-Based Organization"

Kathleen Wong - Manager, Total Rewards

In this session Kathleen Wong, Manager Total Rewards, will share Vancity’s journey in modernizing total rewards – the impacts to sales targets and performance management, to engagement, and ultimately to culture.  This path has not always been smooth, and continues to be a work in progress!  Hear about their successes and the challenges they have faced, and learn from the pitfalls they have encountered along the way. 


"Engaging Millenials though CSR and Employee Volunteering Programs"

Sheldon Gardiner - Founder and Session Facilitator                                                                                                     Susan Byrom - Senior Manager, Community Investment, First West Credit Union                                                       Kayla Johannessen - Community Engagement Specialist, Marketing, Prospera Credit Union                                    Karen Hawes - SVP, Culture and Technology, Interior Savings Credit Union                         

Want to know how to get the most out of your Millennial employees?  In this session you will learn how to attract and retain the fastest growing demographic in the global workforce by leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility.  From ensuring your culture “cares” to implementing community-based volunteer programs, you will find out how to reduce turnover and frustration in the workplace.  This will be a panel discussion with input from credit union peers who will share their experiences.


Central 1 Credit Union's People Solutions Team


There are disruptions happening throughout the credit union system.  From regulatory requirements, technology innovations and financial margin pressure to consolidation, federalization, and evolving partnerships at various levels in the system.  How are these changes impacting your human resources priorities?  How is your credit union adapting?  In this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences – challenges and successes - ideas and current strategies on how to build a sustainable, resilient and agile organization as we explore the human resources impacts of these disrupters.

Cindy Dopson - Consultant                                                                                                                                                         Christine Wings - Analyst


"Succession Planning"

Research shows that most organizations are not adequately prepared to replace their executives if they were to leave unexpectedly.  With all the change happening both within the credit union system and in other industries, changes in technology and all the disruptors we’re facing, how prepared are you with your succession plans?  How do you build a succession plan that aligns the current talent in your organization with the leadership needs of the future?  When you’re planning, how low do you go?  Do you grow or do you buy the talent you need?  In this session, we’ll explore best practices and provide tips to assist as you look to develop or perfect your succession plans. 

Julie Ros - Consultant                                                                                                                                                                   Reena Paul - Analyst